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I'm not vegetarian because I dislike eating meat. Nor do I think that it's entirely natural for humans to be strictly herbivores. I chose (non-strict) vegetarianism because I abhor the modern meat industry; it's terribly cruel and has destructive enviromental consequences.

I was especially interested in an article I read today about test tube meat. That's right, hunks of muscle grown from stem cells in a labratory. No cramped cages, no slaughter house horrors, no overgrown, over stuffed, abused spirits suffering in darkness and the stench of their own feces. Surely, test tube meat isn't cruel, but is it safe? Is it something I would eat? I don't know. The picture attached to the article (seen below) isn't exactly appitizing ... But apparently we will all be able to purchase it in our local grocery stores in a couple years ... meat department?