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Here's how I see it: Conquests by the American Empire have been going on a long time (before, even, America had its name). The latest conquest is formally laid out in Project For The New American Century (readily available online) who's authors include dick cheney and other members of the bush cabal. The project's main objective is to take over the Middle East (sans Saudia Arabia ~ interesting, huh?) and, more importantly the OIL ! 9/11 was planned and carried out in accordance with the project*. Then, *with the backing of citizens, the conquest began (Orwellianly named 'war on terror').

'They' got Afganistan, 'they' got Iraq, 'they' want Iran and so 'they' started pulling the whole WMD lies again, but Americans were already getting weary. So 'they' told Israel to attack Lebanon (to create diversion, chaos and an excuse to broaden the war), and now 'they' are looking to shift the blame to Syria and Iran.

To sum up, I think the bush cabal is working for Saudis and they are using American lives and funds to take over the Middle East and its oil.

(This is just the beginning ... as fucked up as that sounds (mark my words ~ the bush cabal wants the entire Middle East a "war zone") I urge everyone who has contact with anyone in the Middle East region ... urge them to prepare to leave ! )

THE ONLY WAY THIS CAN BE STOPPED IS IF AMERICAN SOLDIERS REFUSE TO FIGHT (or if the Truth about 9/11 is realized on a massive scale) (B/F pointed out that true change will only come if our soldiers realize the Truth about 911) !!!


Death, destruction, and suffering will not stop this war.

I'm sick of thinking about politics and war. It's freakin depressing, but the only thing that will stop the violence is wide~spread truth!


I'm gonna print this out on sticker paper and sticker it all over town ...

... One last hurrah-like ;D